Wednesday, March 01, 2006


There are 3 billion women who dont look like super models and only 8 who do.


L>T said...

I remember when i was young hearing an older woman say, "Oh, you young girls do not realize how beautiful you are!"
this is how i see the post.

mizfit said...

it's unbelievable that these women who r in minority, dictate fashion for the rest!damn!!

dreamyeyes said...

i am so glad i belong to the billion people list. at least i am not alone.

Sol said...

supermodels are highly overrated imo.

gimme a cute girl with eyes devoid of bling-bling & i'll take her over da supermodel anyday!!!

i bet models arent interesting enough anyway ::grim smile::
*quote fer my book on remaining single*

uglygirl said...

yeah but i guess most ppl wont want to see 'imperfect' ppl walking the ramp....acting, falling in love on screen etc.

personally i love imperfections.

Sol said...

::grins:: they make one unique, eh?