Saturday, March 11, 2006

Because: by Mark Belletini
And so one of the members of the search committee (group of
church members of the Unitarian Church that hires new ministers) asks me "But why do you people"-he really said that, "you people"-"have to talk about it?"
Well, because
Because if I fell in love,
you know, with sonnets and everything,
and wanted to name all the stars of heaven
one at a time with a goofy smile on my face
I'd like to be able to.
Because, if I didn't fall in love,
I'd like to grouse a bit,
or work up a bitter Theory
to explain it.
Because if my lover got run over
by a drunk driver (it happens, you know,
remember blue-eyed Stewart?)
I'd like toe able to take a few days off work
to cry and stuff, OK?
Because, if my partner-in-life
whom I can't legally marry because
it upsets someone's stomach or something
suddenly developed an infection
and got Job's sores all over his body
and had to go to the hospital
(you know, just like my friend Stephen)
I'd kind of like to take him there
and hold his hand for a few days
and still get paid on family emergency leave
so I could eat food and pay rent and all.
Because if my lover left me a
fter fifteen years I'd like to be able to sob
without consolation
and feel suitable depressions
and not have to smile a lot
and pretend to be stunned for months.
Because lying all the time is still wrong isn't it?
Oh, and because, whether you believe it or not,
my life is just as important to me as yours is to you.

Mark Belletini is a minister at Starr King Unitarian Church in Hayward, CA.