Tuesday, March 21, 2006

in the absence of you

It’s another season now,
Not summer and not cool either,
And the sun glows bright purple
Reflected in my nails.
My fingers smell of oranges,
Though it’s now another season.
Not too deep, not too low either,
My pool floats me by,
Purple water and a black me.
And I know you’ve had a bath here,
The smell of another fruit overwhelms me,
But it’s another season now.


L>T said...

I just got back w/anew computer. Sure missed you guys. This computer is all mine. only
my stuff on it. Ha ha!
reading your great poems. i feel like I'm there w/you, love the poem, 'in the absence of you' esp. the colors, purple water and a black me, & then oranges, too. very nice. makes me want to paint. :)

uglygirl said...

i am so happy to see you
so unexpected this is.
i love you toh!

medusa said...

sth strange has happened to your blog, it has become very wide with empty space between.

incognito said...

nice poems you have bene posting UG.. really nice.. loved each one of 'em..

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