Saturday, March 25, 2006

Be scared Be vey scared

The world's worst countries to visit if you're gay.
The list:
4.Saudi Arabia
6.United Arab Emirates


L>T said...

Hey! I put a picture of Frida, that she painted (it's a print i framed) on my blog for you.
It hangs in my dining room.
Like I said, everyone that sees it has a response to it, either they like it or they hate it.

katz said...

nice gk there.....freaky..but hey i'm open to gk...guess straights like me are safter in those places..hahhaa
n congrats on such a high blog count :)

mizfit said... my love, where are we going first?

Harjee Kapur said...

thet sounds like a well travelled insight.

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uglygirl said...

hey katz,
but dont you think that any place that treats its minority horrendously will not treat Human Beings all that well either. i guess. what do you think.