Thursday, March 30, 2006

the music monster

It’s really difficult for me to list 8 songs I like, cos well I hardly listen to any.
I told you mat karna….why did you tag me daa?


1)Tuta tuta ek parinda would probably my favourite song ever. I feel the writer of the song is probably talking of Jesus Christ, and that affects me so much. So much that I feel like crying almost when I hear this song, usually in the car, and my hateful driver, bloody stares with hate in his eyes.

2) Raag yaman is my new favourite raag, and I love the bandish I am now learning…….kesar rangan ki pichkaari.
Also my old fav in yaman is ori eli aari piya bina…

I had gotten till here yester day when my friend called me and I moved from the comp and was overcome by migraine and could not or did not come in front of the comp’s harsh glare again. And my sis tried to listen to songs on the comp which is in my rooms and had to move away cos music can be just noise to me quite often……..very often in fact, and my mom says I have a dead soul cos I don’t listen to music really.
And do realise, whosoever reads this, that most of these songs are what I had had to learn.

3) I like the song ‘kajrare kajrare’, though I absolutely hate Aishwarya, and would sometimes even watch her dance just to hear song. Once saw a woman in pub dance to this and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Loved song even more. (Can read up incident in a September or October post on this blog)

4) Rabbi’s bulla ki jaanaa mein kaun I love again mostly because of the lyrics? But quite love the video even.

5) I love the song from sound of music, edelweiss edelweiss. Learnt it at school in Bombay as a kid. I still sing it sometimes when I am not able to sleep and when I am crying. I quite like the crying version of that song. .hahahha.

6) Jamaican farewell ……… another song I had to learn in that school.

7) Remember Diane king? I used to think she was quite hot and I used to like her songs cos they were so about really strong women. And it was like she was sometimes beating up men………not that I like THAT.

8) Asha bhosle’s ye nain dare dare, ye jam bhare bhare, mujhe e e e pine do o o. kal ki kisko khabar? Ek raat hoke nidar mujhe e e e jine do.
Sometimes I substitute pine do for jine do when we are drinking just for effect.

For that’s the ultimate aim of every song’s life right?
To be hummed on by someone who is drunk.


L>T said...

I have always wanted to ask you, (since you once said [A long time ago] you didn't listen to music) Why not?

I have been much involved w/music all my life. My lifes periods are defined by music. This has a lot to do w/nostalgia, I know.

Maybe Indian culture (maybe culture is not the right word)is not the same? Or maybe it is just you?

I think your last paragraph is interesting.
Associating music w/drinking. It is true. <---music & drinking go together.
Maybe you don't have a dead soul, but, one that finds music(in it's truest sense)too painful? Prehaps, you are more sensitive then you realize?

serendipiduous said...

so this is wat tagging means...didnt know...

mizfit said...

nice songs ...u got me humming 'ye nayan dare dare..."

uglygirl said...

i guess my ears are very sensitive to noise, and sometimes regular beats, like drums and stuff just give me headache.

music is supposedly a big part of indian culture.