Saturday, March 25, 2006


As an ENFP, you probably find most traditions and rules to be a real bore. Others around you might even see you as a bit of a rebel. It appears that you enjoy standing apart from the crowd. Moreover, because you have such a free spirited, friendly manner, there will usually be a crowd around you to stand apart from. Your special qualities can be very attractive. Among those traits is a high energy level that often keeps you on the move. ENFPs like you are known for being real Renaissance types and having a diverse array of interests. Whether it's in work or play, your type is willing to take more risks than most. In relationships, you can be hard to pin down. Life is a journey not a destination for you. You aren't the kind to falsely lead someone on. It seems you'd rather be evasive than lie to get out of a sticky situation. Because you crave excitement, chances are that you resist getting in to the kind of routine that often comes with commitment. This can sometimes pose a problem if you're paired with someone who needs a lot of structure in their relationship.


Sol said...

infj here ;)

uglygirl said...

thats introverted intuitive feeing judging right?

Sol said...

yep yep!! ;)

will post on it soon.