Tuesday, March 07, 2006


For once
I was a grown up.
For once
I had a home to go back to quick
All for this rain.
I waited alone at the mandi station.
Alone amongst others
Others who sat waiting for the 6:30 train
which finally arrived at 6:50.
I had waited for 50 mins in this downpour,
With the lonely streetlight,
Getting wet in the rain.
Like the lonely
Lovely me.
For once
My train
Provided shelter.
For once
I went home,
Like the others.


medusa said...

i wish i had a home to go to here

medusa said...

and how come you never are spotted getting wet in the rain?

nikki-says said...

hmm rain,reminds me of good times.ug u write very well,do u mind if i send one of them 4 a magazine ,with u r name ofcourse.

marcy_peanut said...


I have a new post. :)

medusa said...

see now that u r about to be published, what about more frequent posts?

uglygirl said...

nikki says : i guess its ok
medusa : you should not be complaining about the frequency and all.
marcy_peanut: am rushing over right now.