Sunday, December 25, 2005

What Happened in Calcutta

I havenot been writing for quite a while and thats not cause i dont have a story to tell cause i do! the trip to cal was quite eventful if not out of the world exciting. but i dont really know where to begin should i start at the train journey to howrah and what really happened at bhubaneshwar station. or how R and I crossed 7 compartments to smoke one cigarette. should i talk about my cousin who came to Howrah to recieve me and immediately began to show me the SMS s he and his married female colleage have been sharing with each other. and how serene guy, my girl cousin and I had to go to flury s with motives other than the need for a cuppa.
I will also have to tell a story of patriarchy as blatant as the bad smell at howrah....but till i can put a distance to the trip, i will talk of other things.



dreamyeyes said...

life is becoming dull isn't it? what are your plans for new year this year?
I have none so far and don't think i'll make any either

White Lily Petals said...

hmm..missing you dear a lot...see you soon..dont know you