Saturday, December 31, 2005

“All this theorizing about sex does not come to any good ....Get some first”

It’s the first minute of the last day of this year. And I want to write like I have never before and I figured that will be easy cos I hardly really write. Ok for people who don’t know me in a world other than this (blog) My name is Arunlekha. And the thing that bugs me the most bout me is that am still a virgin. Many would think that I might be worried or bugged about my weight or even my hair (body hair even). But its not. The thing that scares me the most is that I have diabetes and am so scared that I haven’t checked my sugar levels in months. So my first resolution would be to get my sugar levels checked. The one thing I want the most in my life is to have a baby (a daughter) and strangely the thing that scares me and the thing that bugs me stand in way of the thing that I want the most.
My first memories are of my sister’s birth. She was born in 1985 Feb, so like 2 years and 7 months after me. So I remember from the time my mother was in the nursing home. I don’t know why am saying that but just am. My pet name (nick name sorts) is Piya and my sis is called Pom at home and our dog is called Pushkin. I have cousins called sriya diya riya, and a niece called diya.
And the title is the first piece of advice/dig I received on this last day of the year.
And this is the weirdest I’ve written ever.
the pic is titled Flux


medusa said...


mizfit said...
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mizfit said...

my darling UG, i want a son. do u think that our kids cud b together even if we cudn't? hmmm...that wud b a wee bit freaky, eh?

twisted said...

umm why does being' a V bug ya ? After all doing it is just a choice isn't it.... unless you’d be wanting to do it with some one specific… who … isn’t interested.

tw wonders if its peer pressure. tw's also wonderin about what was the pretty lass doing online at 11:59 insted of being at some rave party ..... Then again tw better hush up before hes forced to eat his words. Just so you know, tw doesn’t like alphabet soup


Sol said...

UglyGirl ~ nice real-life name..

..diabetes may not be the life sentence u consider it to be. ;)

Hope u find a pleasant means to counter it.

Mizfit ~ That iz fReAKy.

dreamyeyes said...

You know what you are so cute, I read this and I instantly had a smile on my face. Thats what you do in real life too. So keep smiling and keep making us smile in the new year too.

uglygirl said...

dear twisted,
actually it is bugging for the reason you mentioned.
the first reason.
and then generally....the second reason, but not so much pressure
I didnt have anyone to go o a party and prefer to lie low during the year end frenzy for fun as find it so very compulsory kinds, know there is a pressure to go out and have fun....that i find very scary.

Anonymous said...

i dont know you.... but do check for polycystic ovaries.
thats all you need to worry about. i want a daughter very badly too...