Monday, December 19, 2005

Am back where i belong

I returned home today!
And what elation i felt in my heart
as the plane soared over begumpet to land.
I apologise to all my friends who leave away from home,
if i have ever pooh-pohed their homesickness.
For even if away is paradise,
home is what the heart wants,


mizfit said...

welcome back love!!!dear, i have a lil sad news. i won't b able to make it to Hyd since i was having trouble with getting leave n tickets etc. tell u the 'mom' part later :( will have to meet in b'lore i guess. i'm still schemeing, will meet soon *smooch*

dreamyeyes said...

glad to have you back.

L>T said...

Shona1 so glad you are back. It seems like it's been ages.
hope you had a good time & are rested.