Friday, December 30, 2005

Darkest Eye

Pondering the loneliness
Etched upon your face
Like grey clouds
in a spring sky
Monsoon mist and me?

echo in your eyes
pondering the loneliness
Etched upon your face
I steal a look
and once again

you look right away
I stand bewildered
I fall in love

beauty stunning beauty
measures full in darkest eye.


L>T said...

very nice. cup of coffee & a good poem to start my day!

Sol said...

Intense. ;)

dreamyeyes said...

Is this what i think it is. i don't mean the writing. ummmm....

sorcerer said...

the face that those dark eyes belong to is the reason for so many things right in my life.

uglygirl said...

Hey! Rohan!

The face the face...the eyes belong to someone else. Someone for whom i still pine for only cos he was beautiful and had those eyes. Now imagine...i meet another such eyes...