Thursday, December 01, 2005

  1. seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die
    1 Open a school.
    2 Should earn enough money to survive without working hard :)
    3 should have lived in New York, London or Paris
    4 Write a book.
    5 Come out to parents
    6 Buy a wonderful cottage.
    7 Learn Telugu.

  2. Seven Things I Want To Do in the Next Year
    1 have sex
    2 get a job
    3 read all of tagore and Bankim
    4 get my sugar levels down to normal
    5 go to Bombay
    6 move out of home
    7 get another piercing in my left ear.

  3. Seven Things I Can Do NOW
    1 never judge
    2 be open to anything new
    3 Put myself in others shoes
    4 laugh loudly (even at ones self)
    5 read others' thoughts (yes! Yes!..i think)
    6 whistle
    7 write little poemlets

  4. Seven Things I can't Do EVER
    1 Paint/draw
    2 Tell a lie without feeling bad/guilty
    3 run
    4 Hurt someone without feeling guilty
    5 play any sport
    6 Murder
    7 Act
  5. Seven Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex:
    1 height
    2 dark skin
    3 shyness
    4 honesty
    5 vulnerability
    6 ruggedness
    7 Big hands ;)

  6. Seven Things That Attract Me to the same Sex:
    1. Big ��守m��色��. Breasts
    2. Pretty smile
    3. Shyness
    4. The fact that she likes me
    5. Small hands and feet
    6. Aggressiveness
    7. Elusiveness

  7. Seven Things I love most:
    1 Reading
    2 monsoon
    3 traveling by local train
    4 smoking in my balcony
    5 the colour orange
    6 being on the phone
    7 cartoons

  8. Seven Things I hate most:
    1 having called someone and that one is busy
    2 the one I am talking to is distracted
    3 judgmental people
    4 religion
    5 liars
    6 the double bed in my room
    7 Cleaning room

  9. Seven Things I Say Most (in no particular order) :
    1 Thanks/Thank you
    2 Right!
    3 I believe you!
    4 Big deal!
    5 Listen naa!
    6 Promise you won���t tell anyone?
    7 I love you


pom said...

nice one.have been thinking of putting a comment (or rather just commenting)for a long time but had no time...sorry.i must be the only sister who is not involved in any of her sister's things...well i used to be but u asked me not to.anyway,love your blog,want to start one too but i know ill end up trying to copy u, so am not even trying...neway,am proud of u...great stuff u write here.take care.bye

L>T said...

That list is a great way to get to know you better. You are a very honest & open person. That is why you are such a great poet. But, I am afraid, by wearing your heart on your sleeve, you will get your emotions stomped on alot. I for one love you for it, tho.
One question:
Why do you hate your bed?
Another question:(i hope you don't get tired of all the ?)
What is the pic. of?

L>T said...

O.K. Indian kids, if you luv me go to my blog & answer the Question on my 'Musings, Rants, And Ravings' site.

jm said...

uglygirl, this isn't just for this particular entry of yours. but this is for the spirit that makes you write and put up lovely and thought-provoking things in your blogs:
be sweet forever
never lose your passion
stand the test of time
best wishes!

quantum cornflakes said...

finally.. here i am

dreamyeyes said...

god come back soon idiot. miss you loads. and remember my bags, kurta, sweets and the works. ask premankur to bring me something too I won't mind.
muah! bye. take care and don't be naughty.

GrasshopperBoy said...

have u seen this?

pranav said...

hey.. happened to see alok at lifestyle today. took me minute to realize it was her. i was wondering why the pretty face looked familiar :)

Rose said...

I enjoyed readin your seven things...

L>T said...

hey, just read your veiws on emigration(sp) of Indians on my blog. very interesting.
talk to you soon.

chinks in the armour said...

ur good, creative, original and not afraid to be ur self. well done girl.