Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I came accross the V person yesterday, and was for almost the first time in my life rude when i meant to be. He kept asking me cheerfully how i was and i instinctively said a cheery 'hi' and then regretted, so when he continued i abruptly said "see ya", and i guess he got the message that i dont want to speak to him. Dreamyeyes said that why show him that you were upset by his behaviour. but the truth is that i was upset and for once I dissed him. and it felt wonderful.
i think.
i hoped.


mizfit said...
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L>T said...

OH! OH!(hand raised, waving wildly) Tell us more about the V person if you can.

Do you want Rbo-Dude to smite him?

mizfit said...

i know how it feels to hold back what one actually wants to say so i am glad that u did what u did.

dreamyeyes said...

I am glad you did that. You felt bad about the way he behaved, he should know that. feelings are nothing if not expressed. He deserves to know that good looks are not the only criteria to be cool.