Saturday, January 07, 2006


When all words uttered
have to be measured,
when years have to be counted
and words.
when years are memory,
and words dont fill the blank,
I will call
and pretend to be someone else,
and start anew.


L>T said...

All you have to be w/me is yourself. I like you just as you are, on the blog, I've known you for a few months, seen your picture, believe you are honest, some day may see you in the flesh, but, maybe not... you are a page out of 'Rudyard Kipling', Tamarind soup & black rimmed eyes, Anonymous, Indian girl.

White Lily Petals said...

U dont have to be change dear..every body loves you as u are..u are diffrent u r strong...we love u as u r like this...kemon achis ..onek din sms korishna? started?..sayan amay paresan kore diyeche mood ring niye..

medusa said...


marcy_peanut said...

Starting anew...I remember I used to wish that for myself--especially when I got particularly hung-up on someone. I would wish that I could just erase the time I wasted with infatuation, and start anew.

Now, I'm older and wiser. I gave someone my phone number the other day--someone who I really enjoy being around. I don't know if she'll call, but at least I put myself out there.

Your poems are beautiful.

mizfit said...

beautiful dear, simply beautiful

dreamyeyes said...

I've felt that so many times, each time I've wished I could wash my memory as well as others and start a fresh.

oliveoyl said...

cant put in words how this makes me has filled me up with some emotion that im sure is sure to linger for long...i wudnt b overdoin it when i say it one of ur best hooked!!

Solan said...

thats really beutifull. no doubts and sure one of your best....