Thursday, January 05, 2006

as i welcomed spring

outside my window,
i see pretty pretty spring,
unfolding for me.

i sit in my room,
and welcome spring.

outside my window
i see pretty prety spring
and there
amongst the blue flowers,
she sits with mud on her knees.
her pink dress unbuttoned
till i can see
her chocolate skin.
till spring can see
her chocolate skin.


her eyes are blind to that sky
her ears deaf to that bird.
instead she sits with mud on her knees
instead she sits with fingers between her legs,
welcoming not only spring,
but her own season.


marcy_peanut said...

This is a beautiful poem, with lovely visuals. Thank you.

I've added you to my link list. I should have a new post on my blog in a day or two, or maybe even later today. :)

medusa said...

and i posted a pic on my blog finally

L>T said...

Oh...the poem makes me melt. Pretty pretty spring!

Gotta go check out medusa's pic.


dreamyeyes said...

I liked the the first half so much, in fact i liked most of it a lot, but why the last two lines, she sits with her fingers btw her legs. why?

uglygirl said...

COS SHE FEELS WHAT SHE FEELS AND DOES NOT WAIT FOR ANYONE ELSE. and also spring or an equivalent season symbolising an orgasm.

i hope you know what those fingers were upto?

L>T said...

yeowza! I didn't see it that way. I thought see was silently reflecting on the state of the soil in the spring, you know mother earth & all that.

dreamyeyes said...

I knew what the fingers were upto thats why i asked you whats up with that. But if it is about spring and fertility and all that okay I see the point. Really cool.
lt> now you see what that was about. ha ha ha!