Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Summer I broke Her Heart

I once knew a girl,
Who had,
Bright bright eyes,
Rich black hair,
And soil coloured skin.

I once knew a girl
Who would
Dance in the rains,
And then dry her hair,
Just outside my window.

This girl
Would sit at her window,
As I sat at mine
And hum and whistle,
And sob and sigh.

And this girl,
Cried all night,
And prayed all dawn,
Right outside my window.

I once knew this girl,
Who pined all summer
for the girl in the opposite window
A girl who didn’t seem to know she existed.

I once knew a girl
Who live in the house beside mine
And our windows spoke to each other,
Though we never did.

And this girl,
I was told,
Wrote poems about a girl
She once knew.


dreamyeyes said...

Jesus! this was so nice, really deep and from your heart. not that others weren't but there is something diff about this one, like.... it just came straight from the heart, you didn't spoil it by thinking too much about it.

jm said...

very nice poem. sorry, i read your comment to my post just a few minutes ago because i had the wrong settings. thanks and do comment often!

incognito said...

good post.. thank u for dropping by the other day.. keep your comments coming..

serendipiduous said...

love the inversion technique

medusa said...

loved it loved it loved it

marcy_peanut said...

This poem kicks major buttocks!
I LOVE it!
The two girls loved each other, huh? But never talked. How sad. Such is life.

I have a funny new post...I think you might like it.

mizfit said...

this had me humming,"mere samne wali khidki main ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai..."

loved the poem, of course!

uglygirl said...

thanks you guys. i like this poem of mine too somehow!

L>T said...

Very nice as usual. I love reading your poems.

Sol said...

uglygirl ~ a cure for lovesickness would make one not a billionaire, but a prophet. i think.