Thursday, January 12, 2006



mizfit said...

i think, women too often take advantage of their gender. thats a complaint i find from many guys. unfortunately, these are the women who make men resent women empowerment.

L>T said...

Women have find power, somehow.

People that are on the bottom of the pecking order use what they can.

What we need to do is find other sources of power. (That is why Naked Women of Manipur was so great!)

medusa said...

please all of you guys watch this really cool film called "9 to 5" which has jane fonda and dolly parton.
apart from the fact that i have to analyze that film, it might give you some interesting insights onto the points that you guys have been making.

L>T said...

I've watched that film 3 or 4 times on the T.V. why do you have to analyze that film?

Men are not going to quite dominating women on their own. They must be forced into it. perhaps shamed into it. The male character in the movie was never repentent, if I remember rightly. This is where getting laws changed helps.

dreamyeyes said...

I like the cartoons, for once no analysis drawn.