Monday, July 21, 2008

TV is fun again for me!

TV is fun again for me!

First, there is Kahaani Mahabharata ki.

I have read the Mahabharata only once and people were always sleeping with lots of other people and then dying or cursing others and causing there penises to fall off (I am only half joking). I have also seen the Doordarshan one. In fact my early memories were of watching MB on Sunday mornings sitting on my Grandmother’s bed (which was also my bed)

I have looked forward to Ekta Kapoors’s version of it since I saw Chetan Hansrajs’ Bhim on a poster everybody on my way to work and everyday I try to memorize how his body looks naked.

Coming back to it, after 2 weeks we are proceeding beautifully. It is the same story but beautifully divided into 30 minutes episode. It’s grand and well characterized and filled with beautiful people who worked on their bodies for a year or so and I wish people who don’t like Ekta cos she is Ekta watch this and learn Mahabharata, like my sis is.