Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stuff I recommend a virgin-TV viewer to watch:

1.    Monk

2.   Lost

3.    Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares

4.   Survivor

5.    America’s next top model

6.    Top chef

7.    Ugly Betty

8.   Biggest loser

9.    While you were out

10.What not to wear


serendipiduous said...

ek thappor...
what about nigella feasts/express and brothers and sisters ??

Anonymous said...

U forgot news and sports

uglygirl said...

ewwwwww...who is this?

Who watches news?

and I dont do sports.

An Avid Reader said...

Seriously offended, I am, that you'd leave out "The L word."

Why deny them hours and hours of Shane ogling pleasure?

uglygirl said...

heh heh

a few seasons ago i would have mentioned the l word. but now.....I just read the recaps on