Monday, July 14, 2008

My foot

I met some people this weekend. Some people I knew about 5 years ago. And they said I have changed. For the good they think. 1- My phone voice is sexy as hell. 2-I have longer hair. 3- I am all lady-like and gracious, (I think he meant graceful)

I hate this post. I think I have changed too, I am now 1- conceding to the fact(concept, I still wanna believe)that women should dress like women. 2- growing my hair so that it matched the rest of my body, ie, BIG. 3- spending money and time on my appearance. 4-Less happy and attractive than I was then.

P.S: I hate this post as its one of my those posts, wherin I talk about my feelings and show the world how i was a better person then.

P.P.S: I am writing prose for premankur, I hope he is reading my blog now. :(

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serendipiduous said...

what font u are using baba... i cant read toh...:(