Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Something akin fear,

Swims in his

China blue eyes.

Several moons hang,

Almost full,

In his china blue eyes.

I wait for

His severe beauty

To break me down,


Tears well up,

And now something akin sadness

Swims in his eyes,

And I look away.


L>T said...

I don't care how many you write!I could read them everyday! Each one seems such a genuine expression & I like when you rewrite them like the violet eyes ones. I feel like part of the creative process. Awesome, uglygirl.

Rishi said...

I totally agree with l>t - "genuine expression"...it just seems so subtle, and yet so expressive...nice..

medusa said...

how can u b so prolific n still have this quality?
u never cease to wonder me.

uglygirl said...


thanks you guys.

*blushing till my roots*