Friday, November 03, 2006

The warm marshmallow dream you had last night,

Is Miss Lilly pink’s Creamy childhood.

She lived in a sweet pea and corn land

Your warm marshmallow dream changed into your day

Miss Lilly pink’s creamy sweet pea and corn land changed too.

Some say it rots at the mouth of our cynicism.

Pick out the worms,

Add some additives,

Add some colour,

Add some salt

And some pepper,

Fry it

Rinse it

Pickle it

Put it out in the sun.

Try it.

But Miss Lilly pink soon notices,

It still smells sharp and sour.

Melancholia you realize,

As your day begins.


L>T said...

love the new look, very pretty & the poems are beautiful

sparkle said...

hey, i read ur poems and can sense your pain miles away. wish i could make that go away.

uglygirl said...

i am so stuck in a rut.
making use of my rut here.


sparkle said...

wht is the urm about? don't behanve like people you hang out with be the doll tht you are.

sparkle said...

you are not stuck in a rut. put yourself in my shoes and somehow your shoes won't be that smelly. trust me.