Monday, November 13, 2006

me at 24

My sweet cousin of 13,
says with a sigh
I want to forget
those days of black and white.

It’s a strain on my nerve he says
to think of all those things.
and i loved her he says
and she never loved me.

of black and white it seems
the days now in my dreams.
and I bleed and it hurts
and she has left me.

I tell him o sweet brother of mine
it gets worse than this.
the black and white will twine
and make a gray abyss.

and you are still young and whole,
you should see what’s within me.
one bright eye and behind that
a decade worth of dead bodies.


Rishi said...

wow!'re a prolific poet..:)..

Rishi said...

Why isnt it a good thing?..I think it speaks volumes of your creativity...

uglygirl said...

not that i dont appreciate your comments and praise, but sometimes a 'poet' who writes a poem not too intent on the quality of the poetry....or so it might be said.

Rishi said...

Ah not much of a poet,hence cant say about the quality of the poems you write...but I guess its not easy to write so many poems at one go..