Thursday, November 23, 2006

Silver buttons pop out one after the other

And now the sheer silk underneath shows.

And I stand amidst a pool of some gauzy fabric,

That was once next to my skin.

I wore them in the evening,

And I now want to wear you,

For I am cold,

I want to wear you

For I am not.

And I do nothing,

As I stand in this windowless room,

And the last button falls

With a resounding tinkle.

And you come just one step closer,

And you think its just one of those nights,

And you would move away in the morn

But you are 75 years too young,

Too young to know

That tonight I can gobble you up,

And the wine has sharpened my teeth,

And my insides await you

Just like my skin,

And you are so young,

You will be trapped soon,

And I open my legs,

And you gasp for breath

And then drown.

And you now know not what you saw

In my eyes tonight,

One kind of life,

Belies another death.