Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Every morning as I bathe
As I play with my bath water
As I watch the water
Make raindroplets on my brown earth skin,
I think of another,
Another woman
Another skin,
I think of another and wonder,
If her rosy nipples
Harden with cold water,
Like my chocolate ones.
I wonder if her wet hair smells like how I remember it.
If she smells like how I remember her.
I wonder,
As my frantic fingers,
Mould me,
As that primitive woman
If she still tastes the same.

And if miles and miles away,
This morning or that,
She stood under a similar cascade,
And had a similar outburst of desire,
For my body.
And I wonder as she orgasms,
Did they hear her call out my name?
Or did the violent gush
Silence her.

I wonder as I sit under my shower,
90 days since I was last with her,
As I start another morning,
Separated by a million miles.


Solan said...

nice :)

mizfit said...

that was beautiful!!!*sigh*

BTW,all my neighbours heard me.... ::blush::


uglygirl said...

:: Blush::
thanks solan.

and mizfit...ahem..

Amalendu said...

good one...