Wednesday, June 14, 2006

also like this.

She missed the bus all evening
And I stood way above her
On my balcony
And watched her through the leaves,

of my gulmohor tree.
7 buses passed by.
She wasted her chance everytime,
And I wasted my whole evening.


mizfit said...

how do i react to this? lemme count the ways...
1) i wasn't there to catch a bus
2. who was she?
4. *sigh*, i love u still, u silly woman!

uglygirl said...

may be that woman at the busstop was me only.
and thae woman on the balcony was me only.
and i watched myself helplessly.

mizfit said...

ok, then toh it's fine...::rubs Ug's back::

The Nameless One said...


Or maybe it was me, the Gulmohar tree?

uglygirl said...

hey! o the nameless one.
long time no see naa?
how is life??