Friday, September 16, 2005

Today is my ex-girfriend's birthday. Spoke to her last night for about 1 and a half hours. It felt so good. we both are quite transgendered. Quite indeed. suffering from a major case of Penis-Envy. eh eh eh! Went out for dinner today with my "loner friend", got a little tipsy and spoke a lot about sexuality. He is stone straight and one knows that straights dont talk about sexuality but about sex. Though he probably has never thought about it, he was very sweet about me coming out. He probably is a little homophobic, like most straight men. I asked him if he would have sex with me, and he without blinking said yes! That didnot surprise me but ..... umm i dont know i felt that... umm.
Ok so i dont know what i had expected, definitely an yes, but then wondered if he was attracted to me why he hadn't told me ever. Big reason is coz we are buddies and i assume my asexual malish personna around him. He was sweet enough to say that many men would have looked at me but have never approached cos i am too brilliant for them. Yup! he used the word"brilliant". makes me feel nice.
just yesterday a friend of mine answered my now usual moan of "oh! why dont i have someone" with a" you dont need anyone". i guess sometimes the man in me is enough for the woman in me. hahahahahahaah. Now only if i had both sets of you know what and if **** reached******, i would have been set for life.

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mizfit said...

loved to see a mention of me in ur blog. ex-gf, eh? i dunno what to say. 4 me, u r still my gal.