Monday, September 05, 2005


Had quite a nice evening. went out with friend for icecreams and smokes. came home to a monumental assignment of 2000 words. just called up the instructor to ask for actually just called her coz i really like her. she likes women too.

her's some of what i am writing:

.......says in the beginning of the essay that the purpose of the essay is to problematize the idea of ���Indians��� ���representing themselves in history���. This bit is further made clearer when he says that ���history��� is the story of Europe and how can Indians really write themselves in a story that is not only not their own but is diametrically opposed to the whatever India is. He says that Indian history will become a variation on a master narrative that could be called ���the history of Europe���.
This brings me to the other little bit of problem. History is itself a European concept. In a layman���s logic I could say, if history is European, how can one write history (of any kind) in order to detach oneself from the main story of domination and subordination that is the story of Europe and India?
Even this need to write history let alone rewrite it, a sign that we are so entrenched in the European way of thinking.

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