Tuesday, September 06, 2005

....Even my loner friend has found a girlfriend!!!!!

Am so jealous of everyone around me!!!!! EVERYONE HAS A PARTNER. And I.....am destined to lug it alll by myself. even my loner friend has found a girlfriend and i sit all alone in front of this pc conversing with noone really. Of course it will seem like to many that i dont really want someone right now. They are wrong i dooooooooooo.Iwas so hurt in the recent past that i dont want to take any chance.......but aaaaaaaaagh! i quite hate being lonely.


Sharanya Vemu said...

Well, I've been having a vacation and just chilling in life, So you've been lonely .. Huh .. hmmm .. Solitude is a gift sometimes and a pain sometimes . ! But solitude always comes at wrong times , when you dont need it all .. let me know if I can be of any help !

uglygirl said...

Ok loverboy how is it that you can help? wink wink ;) ;)

Sharanya Vemu said...

listen , talk , talk, and listen and listen. now thats how i can help :-p