Friday, September 23, 2005


I wonder if all majorities behave the same way with their minorities.
A leave alone policy.
One with such policy should then think of what he is going to do if he sees some atrocity happenning to the minority because he is a minority. then, think that the minority is not only a religious, gender, caste, wealth minority, but one of sexuality. the same rule has to apply here.
a affluent, straight, male classmate, said of gay rights," what do these people want? nobody beats them at least" 1) some do get beaten.
2) so justice and equality means 'at least not being physically assaulted'

That classmate of mine probably has the policy of leaving 'them' alone.

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jm said...

uglygirl, you're making very interesting and true observations. i see that underneath that lusty exterior, there's a very sharp and thoughtful mind.

i have one question for you and i don't mean to ask this in a condescending manner. this is just my curiosity: do you speak to poor people and dalits?

it'd be great if you could come back to this topic of how monorities are treated at some point.