Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love is like the reflection you see on the surface of water. It looks exactly like a thing you already know. Something that looks and seems recollectible. But you cannot really touch it. You cannot really remember it in your heart. You cannot really feel it at will, can you? You feel something in your heart and your body. It is lust. You know it. When does that become love? And what are the signs? And how do you not confuse it with friendship or lust?

I have always been a believer in the notion that once you say the word Love out loud. You feel it in your 'Heart.' That it is that easy. But I am not sure anymore. What is love really. The stubbornness of the word is so confusing. It refuses to budge. It's as if it can have no other meaning. Is crush love? Is infatuation love? Or is love referring to something long-term? But then when at the onset one says “I have fallen in love,” how do they know it's long-term?

I still think of these things. Yes I am that juvenile. I feel so much. So passionate I am and so confused. So inward-looking. That I am constantly looking for a marker which will show me what love is. Purple for Love! Yay! Yellow for Crush and so on and so forth. 


Se2 said...

heya...stumbled upon your blog from somewhere...:)
Well, i recently had a sort of conversation with my friend along the same lines.. He also said that there should be sign to know who is the right person for you.. at that i had replied, " dude, if it was like that, then you wouldn't appreciate the anticipation, the wondering, the speculation, the feeble attempts to impress her, or the small fights etc etc". At that time i had said this to act like a smart guy, but it really got me thinking...

what if i had accidentally said something worth-while..?? Think about it...:)

uglygirl said...

the anticipation, the speculation, the wondering is all good in retrospect no? when all is happy. When you are inconsolably sad, you just wish for something easier.


Se2 said...

in retrospect how can you speculate, how can anticipate?? Cuz you know what happened, then the point of "wondering" is no longer a possibility..

However, i agree with you on the second part..

uglygirl said...

reconjuring then...reconstructing the first meeting in your head then...over and over again.