Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Gentle Men

With such care you move
this heart within my breast
leaves every old story it knew.

with such care you move
me to tears at every word you say
I have to leave behind my old skin.

with such care you move.
I gleefully jump into an old fire
burn aside all that was easy.

with such care you move,
that i remove soul hinges and
steal into your room.

With such care you move-
away with me still at your feet
dreaming am flying with you.

With such care you move
ghost of your gentle touch
burns still on my back and neck and...

With such care you move
the imprint of you left a hole
which now I plug with earthly beings.


Happy Phantom said...

Surpassing brilliance! tangible ache, tangible!

Savage_beauty said...

You write really really well.

uglygirl said...

Thank you guys!


rita said...

Really a lovely poem. Thanks!