Monday, May 10, 2010

I once knew a girl,
Who had,
Bright bright eyes,
Rich black hair,
And soil coloured skin.

I once knew a girl
Who would
Dance in the rains,
And then dry her hair,
Just outside my window.

This girl
Would sit at her window,
As I sat at mine
And hum and whistle,
And sob and sigh.

And this girl,
Cried all night,
And prayed all dawn,
Right outside my window.

I once knew this girl,
Who pined all summer
for the girl in the opposite window
A girl who didn’t seem to know she existed.

I once knew a girl
Who lived in the house beside mine
And our windows spoke to each other,
Though we never did.

And this girl,
I was told,
Wrote poems about a girl
She once knew.


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thank you!

Mea Culpa said...

sigh. You. I'm out of adjectives, so I'm gonna make "You" an adj!