Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby girl!

O the rain the rain. I can’t believe this is the end of summer. It was unbelievably short toh! Yeah the last few days were unbearably hot. I fell sick. Really. But what? This is it? Personally I don’t think so. It’ll be back for sure may be just for a few scorching days. Hai re Global warming! Long strange winter. Short Summer and Rains in May. What’s up! Really. I know I sound like an old woman complaining about the changes around her. Oh but I am. :) Went for my first Karaoke night last night. Hated it. Ha ha. Loved the company of course. But that’s it. The lyrics captivated me yeah. Twas fun to see and read the song. Which is what I like to do anyway. But don’t get the frenzy at all. Whole of Google was there. And most were quite friendly with me. Wonder what’s changed. Why I don’t scare them still? :) One ex- colleague actually hugged and lifted me up. Awwwww loved that. :) The nights are a bit scary in my new house. I lock up the doors and windows but the breeze or Laila outside makes them knock strangely. And I have intruders on my mind all the time now, so I do get a bit scared and cry at the drop of a hat at night. Usually am a thriller person, but haven’t got any of tose from home, instead loaded up as many romances I could find to keep me company. Watched Mirror has 2 faces last night. Love that movie. Usually I cry watching it. Dint last night. Wonder why. Might watch Wake up Sid next. Once Sush moves in I will open all the movies with ‘Murder’ in them. :) Sush baby! I got all the Agatha Christie DVDs I have. Yay! Also. Realizing the futility of love as every minute passes. I hate that love makes me so childlike and hey! It reflects in my writing too. Make me Cynical again and ever-editing and passive – in approach to life and writing. Heh heh. Don’t think anyone got that joke. :) Shit this reads worse than my 8th std journal entries. Will post anyway. Cos not self-conscious. There. See.

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