Saturday, July 22, 2006

of little things

of little things i speak tonight
little delays on the rained road
traffic stops unexpected.
but life goes on in the city
so what if my heart refuses to.
this poem is not going to be about little heart aches.
its about other little things i speak of.
not death of trust,
a little less.
not heartbreak
a little less.
not of great deeds
or the underhanded ones,
not of love outside a marriage.
of friendships outside love
or of me outside the limits of faithfulness.
we will not talk of one night stands
or some such
but of smaller things,
of littler things.
and wait at the roadside
next to a busy junction and
watch the world go by,
little by little.


Freak-Y said...

i wish i knew where u were taking the reader..

u end it with us having to ponder ?

well anyways, was a good read :)

L>T said...

a good poem. By the end of it, I feel small & insignificant. very nice.

uglygirl said...

i always thought perhaps not rightly that to get out of the shit in ones life one should look at the stars. cos while stargazing one feels soooooo lone and insignificant. some minute undetail in the huge cosmos which is not dependent on him.

traffic at a busy junction is somewhat the same naa?

wonderful to sit by and watch road i think. and think of littler things then your life (or bigger) and you will be stress free in so many ways.

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