Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Smarts and The Cutes - 2

You may know Craig Ferguson from the Drew Carey show. You may know Drew Carey from ‘whose line is it anyway.’ So already I have shown you lineage into the smarts. He plays  Nigel Algernon Wick, Drew's boss. Below, is a wiki parah on his character. Please read it before continuing and you will know how hilarious his character was.

British, crude, boisterous and offensive, he was also a cocaine addict before he was forced to go into rehab. For some time, he and Drew were in a same-sex marriage (technically a civil union) in order for Mr. Wick to get his Green Card and Drew to get his job back. When he first appeared on stage in guest episodes in the last two seasons he was greeted with thunderous applause. Wick always had unusual methods of firing employees (and nearly always fired someone named Johnson). He is almost always referred to as "Mr. Wick," and his first name is rarely used. In the show's first April Fools episode, Mr. Wick was shot in the crotch with a crossbow and had to have one of his testicles removed (a gag that was referred to for the rest of the series). Wick also lost a toe and a nipple in a fox hunt that went terribly wrong. Craig Ferguson initially auditioned at Warner Brothers for a role as a Hispanic photographer on Suddenly Susan, and after he failed his audition, the casting director referred him to The Drew Carey Show which was auditioning across the studio.

‘It’s Great Day for America! You ask me why? I’ll tell you why.’  He is Scottish by birth and off late (very late) American by citizenship.

You will realize soon realize that I am into smart guys. And soon all smart people begin turning hot in my eyes.  But that’s not the case with Craig, who is so Dreamy!!! Move way Patrick Dempsey, make way for My Craig. 

I have loved him since TDCS, and continued it on YouTube by watching small clipping of his monologues from the ‘Late Late show with Craig Ferguson.’ As the name suggests, it comes on really late in the night, and guess what?! I stay awake late into the night watching T.V, so he ‘Caters’ to me and people like me. He is funny with original jokes and a very clear insight into whats normal (normal for freaks) and it makes it easy for him to make fun of weird things(weird for normal people). He is also very insightful. (“Degree of genius-ness is invertly proportional to the number of ears they have. Look at Van Gogh”

But he has no malice and that is why I love him and that is what separates him from the Lenos and the Kimmels of the world. He openly baulked at the media’s treatment of Britney Spears’ health and rehab issues. This concern comes from the fact that he is a recovering alcoholic too. And this empathy almost makes him Unique.

I am leaving you with a YouTube vid of his CBS show, as he should speak for himself.

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