Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Smarts - 1

I am a smart people groupie. I love to hang out with smart people, hopefully people smarter than me. All smart people (and narcissists) will know the stimulation your brain cells receive from being in conversation with a Smartie. Yes there will definitely be a lot of “I KNOW, YOU DON’T.” But once he/she has seen the spark in you, it will turn to “AS YOU ALSO KNOW.” I crave stimulating conversation. And I am not fooling myself, but since I over think and have a (I guess) above-average IQ, and am very curious, I am smart. But I am also un-ambitious and suffer from Atychiphobia.

I will start with starting serial posts about my Smart-Idols. I begin with-----------------Hugh Laurie.

 Of course I know him as Gregory House of ‘House.’ There he plays that character which is clearly written on the lines of god. He is the most clever, all-seeing, all-knowing detective (albeit of the medical kinds) like Sherlock Holmes. Holmes – House – Get It? And it’s not cocaine, its Vicodin. He plays it like a very very charming Grinch. His accent is made-up and brilliant. His disdain for sentiment, towering. And I, like most of his viewers feel the need for his approval.

The last bit is more for Laurie than House (well…also house). I want to be friends with him and Emma Thompson (whom I adore!!!) and his Wilson (Wilson – Watson –get it?)  Robert Sean Leonard and Stephen Fry, his partner for the legendary ‘A Bit Of Fry & Laurie.’ What brilliant company he had growing up? Eh? I envy him, I want to be like him.


At the very least, I want to be his friend.


wasted said...

nice & entertaining...wonder when will my number come in this series ;)

Tom S. said...
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uglygirl said...

To Wasted: pffffffft

A Hey to Tom!
of course it doesn't mean anything...but i loved Steig Larsson's work. you must hvr read right?
what happens in the second book?

Tom S. said...
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uglygirl said...

hey Tom...
am very picky about meeting people i meet online. :)