Monday, June 30, 2008

the witch of you

the last button falls off me

you come just one step closer,

its one of those 100 nights,

And you can roll away in the dawn

But tonight you are too young

you are 75 years too young to know

that I am the witch of windowless rooms

and the wine has sharpened my teeth,

tonight I can gobble you up and

my altar awaits your young skin

I raise my hungry tongue

and taste you from within

I am the witch of the slaughterhouse

I have tied you to me for an eternity

you feed at my breast like a lamb

and you fall at my feet and

you still think you can walk away in the dawn

and your saliva glistens silver on me

I am the witch of your childhood attic

and you are now deep within me

smiling just like your seven year self,

your limbs you now offer me

I have eaten your heart out already

but you still don't recognise me

I am the witch of your Saturday night dreams...

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