Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Now I understand

What the angel tried to say to me

The purple angel with singed wings,

And now I have to take my life

As your lovers often do,

And you still stand so close,

And my fingers can almost touch

The amber- coral smell of you.

You tantalise without meaning to,

Or do you know I pine.

The purple angel nods.

She has burned too,

And knows a devil or two.

And as moments spin themselves into hours,

And the another nights dies a fruitless day,

I have made myself a bundle of foolishness

Called love

And I wait

For you to throw me away,

For in spite of what the tired purple angel says,

I have to learn to die this time,

I am going to burn my wings in your fiery cool.

Now I understand,

That I have to take my life,

As your lovers often do.


L>T said...

Ugly girl, that's very lovely, & very, very black at the same time. I can smell the wings burning. That's why you are one of my favorite poets. It's a great poem. :)

uglygirl said...

thank you so much

senwired said...

hey the purple angel visited my blog as well!!

nice poem.. but then again aren't your poems always great!! :)

incognito said...

click me!! senwired not working!!