Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My wish tonight,

A green wall high,

My fingers don’t reach

The other side,

And the nest rests,

On the green wall high,

And orange flowers bloom

On the other side,

Let me live a night,

In its citrus light,

Give me a push towards,

The green wall high,

Where rests a nest,

Overlooking the orange delight,

My wish tonight,

To scale a green wall high,

Help me climb

A green wall high,

My wish tonight,

Before I cry.


L>T said...


L>T said...

You are the poet!!

uglygirl said...


thank you!!!

am so happy now!!

L>T said...

That's all I want, is to make you happy!

You really are the best poet, you know that, right?

Anonymous said...


very very good...
nice element of mystery ..

Anonymous said...

Hold my hands tight and climb up the green wall high, see the nest and the moon shining high, climb up the green wall high.. I feel the sweat in your hands and dreams in your eye but don't feel shy to conquer your destiny through my eye.

uglygirl said...

who are you!!!