Monday, September 11, 2006

mom and steve irwin

It’s been a month exactly since I have blogged. And it was quite therapeutic I claim. Not having to blog, not feeling the pressure to share one’s life with the ‘others’. But blogging is such a good way of being in touch that I actually feel I have no friends now that I have not blogged for ages (1 month). Ok so have made same point twice already. Going to call this post “Mom and Steve Irwin”. Steve Irwin died last week. He was 40 something. Left behind a daughter, a son, a wife, a dad. Mom and dog had pre-deceased him. Mom died in car crash, and dog had cancer in the nose. How do I know?

I know cos mom has been watching animal planet a little more than usual. Animal planet is my mom’s fave channel. My sis, my mom and I have watched animal planet many a(an?) afternoons, and cried our hearts out cos the dog, the camel or the polar bear died, or was loved and happy. My mom cannot get over the extremely untimely and tragic death of the crocodile hunter. I don’t like reptiles but remember having watched him anyway. He had named his daughter ‘bindi’ after his fave croc. How can you not cry for such a man?

Having lived a successful life as a nature conservationist, he died an apt death, trying to research for his daughter (my sister tears up at this thought).

Here’s to Steve for being passionate about animals, and finding beauty in all of them

Here’s to mom for being gentle and sensitive enough to shed tears for Steve and his dog.


Anonymous said...

I was down under when this happened and bought drinks for a few friends i made there in my short trip. He was a national icon n could have been the prime minister if he wanted to. A perfect family man... how often do u find that these days?

Vivaha Bhojanambu

Anonymous said...

he was 44 when he died.

medusa said...

L>T said...

Crikey! It's so good to see you blog again.

Your mom sounds real sweet. My husband & I got a real kick out of Steve Irwin.
It was a good family show.

Rose said...

That was so sad about Steve. He was so full of life. I was surprised that he died the way he did. I guess I thought it would be by a crocodile or something. Anyway he will be missed but he died during something he loved.

Anonymous said...

i may sound crude, rude and whatever, but methinks he got more fame after he died than he got in his entire (short) life.. well am sad for him too (very, in fact)