Friday, August 11, 2006


We have a short life,
with all my ailments,
I wont live beyond 66,
and already I've wasted,
2 years behind that man,
a few months behind that girl,
and may be a total of an year,
behind those men and women,
so now i have 3 and a half years left,
have lived 24 alreday.
ok I was wrong.
life stretches looooooooooong.


Rose said...

No, you have more life in you even after that 66. Good calculations..

L>T said...

OK, stop it now! What is it you want out of life, anyway?
you are much too young to worry about all that.

Life is so much more than failed relationships.

uglygirl said...

@ l>t: "Ok Mom".

L>T said...

Cute photo icon, btw. :)

I want to send you an E-mail & I know you gave me a new address. I can't find it or don't reconize it so would you mail me... O.K.?

medusa said...

new post now!!!!!!!!!!!!