Monday, August 09, 2010


For each time you looked away
For every time you said no
For every time you came in uninvited
but left before  i was ready
little pieces of my eager heart chipped away

Many a times my fingers itched to touch
that nonchalant hand so close to mine.
My rejoicing finger would graze your back
as i adjusted to your nearness in a cramped space
And that would have to be enough for the night.

For every time you canceled on me

For each time you postponed
For every time you wrapped your hand around me
but you kept your head turned away
Tender Tendrils to that place froze grey

And I hurriedly answer every time you call
And my ears still prick up with your name
And I still remember, and I still remember
And I still hope you do too
But for each day you seem not to care....

Heart chipped......Tender Tendrils........Grey...

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