Monday, March 01, 2010

There are certain un-explainable (not inexplicable) things about me. (Am not saying they make me unique) These I realise at weird times and I amaze at my belief in magic-of-sorts (and other cutesie things)

I think that 27 is a magical age. In films and books, the most amazing characters will be 27. They stand at the edge of the rest of their life at this age.

I think 28 is the coolest age. There is something very rounded and stable about this Age. It's as if, Now You Are Wise.

I am currently 27 and my favourite age is 23. I find this age irresistible. Of course, it's not the age per se but people of this age...but the co-incidences are amazing! All these amazingly yummy people I meet, whose brain I wanna lick (ewww, I know!) or who I just wanna gulp up whole are all 23.

When 2 people kiss for the first time (and mean it..not drunken/friendly kisses) their souls get a bit exchanged. Their thoughts and desires and goals (not of life, but or that moment or the person changes...interchanges)

If you laugh a lot, you will cry soon. (I think it's a neurotic thing..happens to me all the time!)

I like words like Inexplicable, Astonishing, Inadmissible, Admonishing. I think thats cos they are pronounced like they are spelt. (This thing wants me to believe that the spelling of spelt is wrong..but I wont give in)

I wish to be recognised as the cute thing that I am. Despite my size, heft, intuition, IQ, sense of humour, vocabulary, education, sex, I want to be CUTE!!!

I like it when I am treated like am fragile or weak just cos am a girl (believe me it dont happen often... ) for because of my size, heft, intuition, IQ, sense of humour, vocabulary, education, I am usually treated with asexual respect or like one of the guys. (It sucks if the guys doing this are cute!)


Anonymous said...

i turned 23 yesterday. and i think this is going to be my favourite age.
i can feel it. no reason!

(and no, i am not your usual optimist.)

liked your post.


Akx said...

Aww, I think that's very cute :)

White Lily Petals said...

me too me too me too