Friday, September 18, 2009


Purple sunshine rested on your shoulders
you flinched at its familiarity.
Rose colored glasses still perched
I gazed on with young-girl eyes.

Chandeliers floated up to listen in
and you so easily let them in our story.
Young boys recounted their lives with glee,
I curled my masochistic toes in lust.

Winter scarves lay nearby smelling of you,
blueberries and strawberries flitter-fluttered.
My nicotine stained fingers looked for a lifeline,
as you sat in the sun and let me down gently.


Hamsini said...

Ouch. Its a painful break-up.

uglygirl said...

babe....tell me about it....

rita said...

Beautiful, beautiful...

medusa said...

medusa especially liked "let me down gently"

uglygirl said...

thank you thank you.
I try to find beauty and drama in all small and big tragedies of my life...