Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dead Sunflower Fields

Its that kind of evening again

Nothing is safe now

Jackfruits and more burst

And more and more ripe

And the smell this evening

is maddening.


Such evenings are just not

Safe for you my little girl

Someone as young and fragile

As you my little girl

And such things stir in me

That heightens this evening


And your brown brown hands

Red full lips midnight eyes

Beckon me, they do

They do beckon me and

You dance just ahead of my eyes

And your family waits for you


Hurry home to your mamma

Little girl, my little girl

Do you see those eyes over the hedge

covet your brown brown skin

hurry hurry home hurry

home my little brown  girl


your mumma waits for you

milk gets colder as a glass on the table

she waits at the door and calls

out to you, her pretty girl of just 13

and here you are dancing in front

of these dirty brown eyes


you are dancing in front of me


Over my fence under my window 

you jump and skip and run

over my enticing summerfields

my sunflower fields seduce you

and you slow down as your mumma

waits at the door for her pretty girl of 13




It happened just 67 steps from home

And you were snatched and don’t cry

It was not your fault and you will go to the gods

And its all the way to hell for me

For what I did to your brown skin

And you were just a pretty girl of 13



Those 67 steps you didn’t cover

my little pretty girl of 13

now you will never come home

and your mother knew this would

happen someday to someone as

pretty as her daughter of just 13


under my fields and my soil you lie,

my little 13 yearold pay thing

and no one knows still but the

village now whispers and no young girl

take the shortcut through the sunflower fields



your bone melts from the flesh

your yellow summer dress 

I have hidden somewhere where none will reach

And I burn in my own private hell

And you are now far away from all this and me

But still the sunflower fields haunt me.








Hamsini said...

Harsh. :(

uglygirl said...

shit i just redid it
i dint realise anyone would have read it already.
i hope you like this one.

just as harsh i think.

ananya ghoshal said...


sotyi bollam.

uglygirl said...

thank you Ononna!

Meister said...


rita said...

Whoa! That was a chilling poem. Your poetry is awesome. I always know when I read one of yours I'll be touched.