Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 random things about me

1.        I am a hoarder. I might still have my 6th std uniform (I can’t check cos my cupboard’s a deep deep cave) and am saved by my Mom who takes the old clothes to turn them into pochhaa and my sister who takes to salvage them and wear them.


2.       I don’t like big beds. I have an aversion for king or queen sized beds. Despite my tall and broad frame, I occupy a small portion of any given bed and the rest of the space then gets used when the aforementioned cave overflows.


3.       I hate sunny days. I hate the sun. And wish it rained all the time. I like getting wet, the grey clouds, the mud, the puddles, the everything monsoon.


4.      I hate stupidity and love nice (I treasure Nice people.). I try to hang around people who are smart or/and nice. Stupid and mean people will be ignored like mad.


5.       I think about everything that can be thought about. I imagine situations in the future and practice what I would say and most of the times, it happens and I say what I had thought of and I feel extremely pleased and think that this might be a superpower of some kinds.


6.      My first memory is of the day 27th February, 1985, one day before my sister was born. I was 2 years 7 months old.


7.       I am completely self-centered and usually so inward-looking that I miss many things around me.


8.      I am my best judge. I critique me so much that people usually see and know the best of me. Only Mom, Sis and Dog see the other side


9.      I like being in a group of women/girls. The energy a group of girls exudes is brilliant and instills in the group a collective belief that they can now take on the world.


10.    Though I am wonderfully mature and non-ignorant but still like to hang around younger people. Some thinks it’s a bad habit, but I enjoy the innocence and the un-cynicism of younger people


11.     I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I wish it were straight but No I love my hair….but Aaaagh! I hate it…mmmmI love it!


12.    I am moody. I am completely contradictory, and all depends on my mood.


13.    I don’t think birthdays are important and try to get away with not wishing friends and family if I can.


14.    I am not that good at keeping in touch. With Orkut and FB, I am better. I add my ‘friends’ even if I never scrap or ping.


15.    Out of sight is out of mind L


16.    I Emote better written or on phone than in person. L


17.    I am a compulsive bathroom reader.


18.    If by chance there’s nothing to read in the loo, I read the shampoo bottles, oil labels etc.


19.    I am an intuitive cook and I can add mushrooms to anything I make


20.   I can’t sleep in moving vehicles, except the train. I have motion sickness and I need to keep staring out of the window to combat inertia.


21.    On one train journey I slept for straight 33 hours out of 36, and fellow passengers counted the hours.


22.   I am a compulsive shitter and can’t fart. L


23.   I am an enormous procrastinator. I have postponed completing my root canal for the 11 years now.


24.   I had no moles, tils on my body for the first 16 years of my life and I used to feel unique and kept asking my mom if I was a tilottama Then One day, my first one appeared on the crook of my elbow and I became ordinary.


25.   I am good at remembering faces and ok at remembering names, however, I assume always (wrongly) that nobody will remember mine.



shock said...

can you really add mushrooms to ...say....simui payesh???

uglygirl said...

I think so...
Mushrooms simmering in sugar will turn sweet methinks...

but i only cook the Aameesh...

shock said...

Aameesh er payesh abar ki jinish??? Anyway why did u stop following my blog all of a sudden? I wrote a new one about Premankur if you are interested.

uglygirl said...

@ Shock: I guess misguided resentment had me not following.