Friday, August 29, 2008


let me

lie on that piece of your skin tonight,
the rest of the world seem so bright.
dark skin, dark hair.
let me lie with you tonight.

will you refuse,
if i let my mouth linger
on your breasts.
will you pull at my hair,
will you urge me on,
or will you push me away?

will you cringe?
if my ungainly broken heart
calls your name out.
will you reply.
will you shut the door.
will you.....will you..
lie with me tonight?

let me seek refuge tonight.
in your hard soft mouth,
lover be mine
once tonight
and morning we can breathe again.

let me seek refuge in your
cold warm island tonight.
shelter be mine.
once tonight.
and morning we can be friends again


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

handmaiden said...

My goodness! I ask for poems I get a plethora.

This poem is very nice. In my mind the hair is dark but the skin is ivory. I wish I could write such beautiful poems to the person that is my refuge.