Monday, February 18, 2008

The first day it rained in my city and I made my way to work.

I took only 80 bucks and a yellow-black auto and I traveled the miles between heaven and the ordinary. My city woke up today to mauve clouds and glorious grey rain. And I woke up to my personal heaven. My orange room was at last defeated and n light entered my haven. Alas, my red curtains kept away the pitter patter of raindrops on my window A.C. Or perhaps I mistook them for the usual pigeons of everyday. And I began waking from 6:30 this morning and left my mile long bed at 8. This 1 and a half hours it rained in my borrowed homeland but my ears stayed covered to it. When at long last I went to my cocooning balcony, I saw the straight rain and the lone limp black dog running the whole stretch of the road. Once. Twice. I wished she would find a shelter like I had unknowingly done that morning. As the dog returned the third time, she and I enjoyed the city’s first rain that morning.

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medusa said...

even i repierced nose
and i wish, how i wish, it would rain.