Friday, July 27, 2007

for a song

Bells knoll my crime and a witch-hunt has begun.
Last night my diamond ring glistened within you
And now my blood is spilt and the writing is on the wall.
Hooded mob walk the streets and death threats fly home,
For one cupful of frenzied love I sold my freedom for a song.


stephen rengan - as simple as that said...

Pity difficult to understand those lines...

stephen rengan - as simple as that said...

Who is the hooded mob here??? ....Whats ur mail ID?

stephen rengan - as simple as that said...

just out of interest wanted to know ... so where are you hyd/blr?

AALTA said...

One hardly gets to come across such good reads in free verse these days. Hope to come across more of them.

Anonymous said...

Its time to talk
Said the gnome
Of turtles and porpoises
of a blazing sun and a clouded moon
of images and voices
of a choice that I never made
making all my life’s choices

will turtles fly
or will they die
is death itself a flight
how meaningless
distinctions are
between wrong and right

lets cloud the sun
and blaze the moon
stand everything
on its head
lets die to live
lets live to die
..turn gold
into lead.